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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Vote On Tuesday

Yes, I know with all the talk already on the 2012 Presidential Election, I am here to persuade you to vote in this election despite the lack of 'sexiness' to this election.

For example, in New Jersey, there is a non-binding referendum regarding authorizing sports wagering.  Personally, I think it is is a long shot move as the feds would need to repeal their legislation or the bill banning sports wagering being tossed out by the Supreme Court.  Still, if you feel one way or the other vote on it.

But there is more than this referendum up at stake in New Jersey.  The entire state legislature (house and senate) is up for reelection.  While most experts feel the house will remain Democratic, change could happen or if  enough candidates from one party being loose, leadership in the legislature may change; perhaps installing a Senate President who is willing to consider slot legislation versus the one who refuses to move a bill.  If the Republicans win, Christie's agenda may go through unchallenged.

In Maine, there is a referendum to decide whether or not to authorize additional casinos, which if successful, would have Scarborough Downs move to another community which has approved slot machines.

You may not have a racing-related issue in your state this year, but you may have a politician who has an anti-racing or pro-racing view.  That politicians success in some local event may down the road have an impact on racing if that person's political campaign advances..  Look at Governor Quinn in Illinois who may be sinking horse racing this week.  If he never was elected to the US Senate, his political career may have been over and he may not be in the statehouse threatening to kill of the legislation giving racetracks slot machines this week.  Of course, I am not saying racing should be the only reason to vote one way or the other on politicians.  There is life outside of racing so you need to consider all the issues in your state

The main thing is to get out and vote.   If you don't vote you have no right to complain about the way things go in your state.

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