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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New Jersey Election Results - More of the Same

For those who hoped the New Jersey legislative elections yesterday would change control of the leadership of the State Senate and Assembly, to make it more receptive to alternative gaming at the Meadowlands, disappointment must be the operative word.  Democrats maintain their 24-16 majority in the Senate, but pick up a seat in the Senate so they now have a 48-32 majority in the Assembly.  With Sweeney and Oliver the heads of the legislative leadership winning reelection, the chance of a coup of the leadership is unlikely.

The vote for sports gaming was 64% in favor of New Jersey introducing sports gaming.  Don't expect sports gambling that quick as the state must pay legislation to give New Jersey legal standing in attempting to overturn the federal law.  I anticipate it will be two years before this plays out and it is not a certain thing that NJ comes out ahead.

The bottom line is don't expect slots at the Meadowlands too quickly.  It will take a severe deficit for the NewJersey budget  in order for them to revisit in the next two years gaming at the Meadowlands.

If there is a good thing out of this election is why Chris Christie is still popular in the state, he does not have the ability to influence elections.  The state like (needs) what Christie has been done but he has no coat tails.  Hence it is nit impossible with the right candidate Christie can be taken down in 2013; that may be the year racing has a chance to get the recovery it needs,

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Anonymous said...

Christie could definitely lose the next election. He only got there in the first place because of how hated Corzine was. I voted for him and would do so again, but NJ is a blue (and corrupt) state so anything is possible.