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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Meadowlands at Monmouth Park?

It was announced yesterday that the Meadowlands was going to run a two week, six day thoroughbred meet at Monmouth Park.  The initial qustion to be asked is wyt an additional two weeks of thoroughbred racing was needed in the first place?  It turns out Monmouth needed to race a certain number of days to have year round full card simulcasting at Monmouth Park.

Okay, that is fine, but why didn't Monmouth Park just extend their meet for two more weeks?  Why did the Meadoelwands have to get involved this late?  If you recall, Jeff Gural had expressed a willingness to allow a short turf meet at the Meadowlands next year after Monmouth closed..  By having the Meadowlands apply for thoroughbred dates this year, it may make it easier for a short thoroughbred turf meet to be scheduled at the Meadowlands next year.  Hence I would assume there will be some of thoroughbred meet at the Meadowlands in 2012.

It is all about the new racing reality in NJ in 2012.

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