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Friday, November 11, 2011

Common Sense Reigns

I would like to congratulate the connections of the three breaking horses in the elimination of The Valley Victory for keeping the case of their not advancing to the final out of the courts.  I find no fault with their appealing to the Pennsylvania Harness Racing Commission about their being excluded from the draw with regards to their eligibility or ineligibility; that is a fair forum to raise the issue.  However, if they decided to bring the case to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's court system where they know about as much with regards to harness racing as I know about lawyering, would have caused incredible damage to the sport.

That being said, I would suggest Chester Downs update their track rules regarding this very situation in the future, especially since you are dealing with two year old trotters.  It would not be an admission of wrong doing or not; just a realization that situations happen and it is better to have things addressed in black and white instead of left to interpretation.

Anyway, as a result of this issue, The Valley Victory remains on the main card but as a non-wagering event. 

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