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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Zealand Trotting Cup Results

The $600,000 New Zealand Trotting Cup was run today Addington Raceway and it originally looked like a jog with Smoken Up about to win easily.  However a fun thing happened on the way to the winner's circle.

The end of the race turned into a different race and by the time the field reached the 3,200 meters, Terrot To Love was named winner of the 2011 New Zealand Trotting Derby with driver Jimmy Curtin having the honors.  In the stretch, they just mowed Smoken Up despite the seemingly unbeatable lead.  The first 2,200 meteres seemed to be a jog around the track before any real movement started.  The winning time for the two miles (approx 3,200 meters) was 4:02.  Finishing second was Smoken Up who was .8 meteres behind in 4:02.1 who just edged out Highview Tommy who got the show position.  Well known Monkey King finished seventh and was never really a factor in the race.

What I find particularly interesting about New Zealand racing is justice is handed out quickly with hearings held immediately after the race.  View the Stewards Report for the day and look at Race 10's report.

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