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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Indiana Inspector General Calls Racing Out

As you read here yesterday, the Indiana Inspector General's office has issued their report on alleged wrong doing, but to horse racing, that is the least of the problem. What is the problem? The IG's office says Indiana should consider a big cut in the subsidy it gives its horse racing industry each year, saying that what started off as an effort to jumpstart the industry might need to be re-evaluated.

And the IG's office is right. If the subsidy was intended to jumpstart the industry, the industry certainly has been jumpstarted by now. What has racing done in Indiana for all breeds to help the industry survive on its own? Realitscally not a darn thing. If slot revenue was intended to jumpstart the industry, the IG's office is seeing the racing industry is not using these subsidies to stimulate interest in the sport, but as a welfare plan for owners, and horsemen. Hence the money is being used for unintended purposes.

Odds are you are pretty mad at reading what has been written above. Let me ask this question, since Indiana racing has received slot subsidies since 1997, what has racing done to stimulate interest in horse racing over the last fourteen years? Odds are the answer is simple, not a damn thing.

Is this the time racing gets shaved in Indiana, or do they survive a little longer with their subsidies? Whether it is the Indiana Inspector General or a governmental agency in another state, someone is going to realize slot subsidies are being used for one thing and one thing only, stuffing the industry's pockets. Stuffing your pockets is welfare, not supporting an industry. Supporting the industry is spending money on your customers and product development.

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