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Friday, November 4, 2011

Change is the Only Way to a New Vibrant Horse Industry

Despite all the horse rescues there are, we know standardbreds end up getting slaughtered along with other breeds of horses, whether they are racing horses, pleasure horses, show horses.  I came across an article on Conscious Marketing for the Horse Industry written by an individual named Patty.  The article comes from comments she made on her LinkedIn group which she compiled into a blog entry.

Patty indicates correctly, that change is hard and breeders and bred registries must make changes to downsize the number of horses they produce to reflect changes required to survive; one of the changes required is to end horse slaughter.  Patty is a realist; slaughter is not going to stop overnight, but change is necessary in the breeding industry to bring the practice to the end, including gelding horses even before they are sold at auction.

Anyway, it is a great article and it makes sense.  I encourage you to read the article; it makes a lot of good points.  I would be interested in what you think of Patty's thoughts.

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