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Friday, November 25, 2011

Track Complicity

At Flambro Downs they had qualifiers this morning and the horsemen were there ready to race.  The only problem is the kill buyers/horse dealers were on the backstretch as well.  Word has it that seven horses lost big time; on a trailer to a destination(s) unknown.

We talk about horse rescue and treating our retired horses well.  As long as racetracks allow these horse dealers on the backstretch, they are a complicit in the problem.   This is not to say if tracks didn't allow these dealers on the track the problem of 'retired' horses ending up in undesirable places would be solved, but the tracks should not be making it easier for the horsemen to dispose of unwanted racing stock.

A much better idea would be to allow surrender stalls at the tracks run by horse rescues.  If a horseman doesn't want a horse anymore, he could hand over the papers and the horse with no questions asked and let these rescues deal with the horses.  This way, if the worst was to occur, it would be a case of euthanasia, not factory slaughter. 

In the meanwhile, tracks can say the problem is with horsemen, but the tracks have blood on their hands as well.

In the biggest week of racing in NSW Australia, arrests have been made regarding race fixing charges including one of the leading drivers, Greg Bennett.  Racing seems to have a way to self-destruct at the time more attention is given to it.

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