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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Another Track for Sale

Hey, want to buy a track at a great price?  $400,000 gets you a 54 acre former country fair site complete with grandstand.  Now, I can't say it is a turn key operation as the government razed quite a few of the buildings, but the grandstand remains as does the track; though admittedly, it does look like the military had artillery practice on the track one time. 

When you consider how much Jeff Gural is spending to resurrect the Meadowlands, what is $400,000?  A mere side expense.  Of course the problem is this track is located in Michigan and is the former Saginaw Downs Racetrack.  The site is being put back up for sale after Saginaw bought it for low income housing without following HUD's rules so they need to sell the site to repay the government.

If you look at the picture in the article, you will see how bad the facility looks now, but thanks to YouTube, here is a look back at the facility when they did race there.

Not only would you be buying a racetrack, but a piece of history.  At one time, the Chicago White Sox had a minor league baseball team that played in the infield of the racetrack and there was an independent team that played here prior to World War II.  You can read about this history here.

Realistically, with the status of horse racing in Michigan, where pures for all breeds and the number of racing days are severely curtailed, you would have to be foolish to buy this track.  It seems another track will be forever lost to history. 

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