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Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick and Treat?

Charles Stile from The Record, gives racino supporters a little bit of hope in the upcoming New Jersey elections.  While Senate President Stephen Sweeney (D) is expected to easily win his election, one of his allies, Senator Jim Whelan (D) who represents the second legislative district which represents Atlantic City is reported to be in trouble.  Supposedly Sweeney and his benefactor party-boss George Norcross can't afford to lose this seat, so there has been speculation that they would do anything to keep Whelan in office.

While there was some talk they would take campaign funds from a North Jersey Democratic candidate who is in a tough campain fight, such talk has been downplayed as a defeat of the North Jersey candidate would re-ignite the North-South rift in the Democratic Caucus.  However, what may be interesting is what happens if Whelan and Bob Gordon, the candidate up north both loose; it may cause such an uproar in the Democratic caucus which may unseat Senator Sweeney from the Senate President position, perhaps removing a person who has sworn not to allow any North Jersey casino bill to ever come up for a vote.  So if things go wrong for the Democrats, the possibility of a North Jersey casino may get a boost.

Of course, if the Republicans get control of the Senate and/or the House, things may not go  racing's way as a state legislature controlled by allies of Governor Christie may become a rubber stamp for Governor Christie.

Still, there is hope, how small it may be that a civil war in the Democratic legislature may work in racing's way.  Yes, it is eight days after Halloween, but racing supporters may be getting a late holiday treat if the cards play out right.  One thing for certain, for a racino to become a reality in the relatively near future, a change in the state Senate leadership is essential.

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