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Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Return of Walter Case Jr Approaching?

Harnesslink did a profile today on Luanne Kroniger Case, wife of Walter Case Jr.  I thought it was a very flattering article about Ms. Case and it gives us a glimpse as to what Walter Case has been doing of late; training horses off the track.  According to the article, Walter's parole is over on October 27 and based on the article, it would appear someone will be ready to license Walter after his probation is completed. 

From what I know of Walter's wife, is she is very supportive of her husband and wants what is best for him.  Some people will hold Case's criminal conviction against him, but it seems his family for the most part has been able to get past it, so there is no reason the racing community shouldn't. 

This is not to say Case should be allowed to start out at the major tracks.  But it seems Case has finally achieved the maturity he lacked in his earlier days and has finally conquered his demons.  The one hurdle Walter will have to deal with is the new emphasis on Animal Rights.  Forget about what he did before that was not approved of by the judges; it is the tightning up of the rules regarding kicking and whipping which may be a challenge.  However, I am confident with Luanne in Walter's corner, he will do fine. 

The question is who will be the first racing commission to let him in?  Not to allow Walter back  would be an injustice and goes against America's willingness to give a person the opportunity to prove their redemption.  Walter deserves a chance to prove himself.  Now is the time to let him.


Anonymous said...

Well Pacingguy I understand your comments and the direction of your intentions. You, like many others would love to see Walter dazzle us with the skills he possessed like no other.
Yet, we see this with a completely differ rent agenda. I am all for redemption. Those of us that have seen Walter's career from the early stages of Monticello raceway, to the sad conclusion at Northfield Park, know how many chances Walter has been given to get his daemons in check. Many people are willing to excuse him as being a victim of addiction. others hold him in the highest regard as a driver that never did anything to harm racing. All his problems were personal and not involving racing. It is with that mindset, I believe, that people say the man paid his debt and give him another chance.
Well, you can't pick and choose the issues as to make some important and others no problem.
The fact is, Walter is an addict. He was addicted to cocaine, alcohol and gambling. Yet, I don't hear or see anywhere as to how he is active in fighting these addictions.
I don't doubt he is sober. Not active in any of these addictions. But, the fact remains he must show the USTA and state Racing Boards, that these addictions that have plagued his life from his teenage years, are now in check.
The USTA and States will want to see he is in active maintenance programs. I have not seen where he is.
It is also a fact he is not eligible to apply for a license in New York or Ohio. His felony conviction alone may disqualify him in NJ and PA.
So, lets get real with the obstacles that prevent Walter Case from driving at a licensed pari-mutuel track.
BTW, you might have noticed where Plainridge did not extend Walter an invitation to drive this year, even though he is a free man, able to travel without restriction.
Plainridge is seeking a full casino license, as it was recently made legal in MA. Plainridge did not see it smart choice to license a convicted violent felon, one that no other agency will license, now that they have a casino to run.
Walter was licensed at the end of the 2009 season at Plainridge because it was good for Plainridge. Now they need to put as much distance between him and their casino license application as they can.
As you can see, there is much more to this issue than giving a guy a chance.

Pacingguy said...

Walter's parole ended about eight days before Plainridge's meet. That may be why he was not invited.

I assure you before anyone is going to license him they are going to want to see some documentation.

Walter is a very good driver; he does not dazzle me. He was like Herve at Freehold; you bet him on every race and it takes one race to wipe out the profit; seldom do you get a price on him. It is just a matter of giving redemption a chance in my case.

Anonymous said...

Walter was one of if not the best driver to ever sit behind a horse. Every trainer will tell you so that he ever rode for. To compare him to Herve shows, well, you are clueless. Herve threw so many races while Walter tried with everything he rode. The fact you mentioned that dump Freehold tells me you're just another from the stix who never saw Walter beat Luc for 7 years nightly at Y.R. like a dead animal. Yeah, the Luc that went to your dump and dethroned Jackie Mo and Cat. The Luc that went to The "M" and dethroned J.C. in his prime. If you're going to make a statemant, please have a clue.

Pacingguy said...

You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but rest assured I am not clueless. How did Filion get to 15,180 victories, despite the races you claim he 'tossed'?

It is easy to make claims either way. It would have been interesting to see both Herve and Walter in their prime competing against each other.