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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

One Retired, One on the Bubble

Finally recognizing reality, Buck I St Pat has been retired from racing.  While I am glad to see what is best for her finally taking place, it is probably a couple of months past due as they continued to try to race the mare, even trying to get into this weekend's Breeders Crown final.  It will be interesting to see what this daughter of super Ohio sire Jailhouse Jesse does in the breeding shed.  Speaking of trying to get into the Breeders Crown final, while I think she never should have been entered, having read the partial transcript of the hearing, I can see why Mr. Taylor was annoyed with the ORC's Rod Seiling.  His attitude did seem a bit brusque; perhaps failing to realize that an American ownership group would not be familiar with Ontario's procedures.

Unfortunately, still on the bubble is See You At Peelers.  With her last place finish in her elimination of the Breeders Crown, it was determined that her heart problems have not yet been resolved.  Trainer Jimmy Takter is planning on giving her a couple months off before making a decision on her future.  While I understand a horse like Peelers doesn't come along that often, dragging things out for Peelers seems to be delaying the inevitable.  Hopefully, Peelers gets to enjoy motherhood rather than continuing to to suffer from her heart problems which while now may be a nuisance may become a much more serious problem down the road.  She deserves that.

Just a reminder, for those who look for bargain wagers.  Cal Expo starts a 15% takeout on their Pick 4 on Thursday evenings and in November, they join the USTA's strategic wagering program on Thursdays as well.

San Pail continues as the unanimous choice in the Hambletonian/Breeders Crown top ten poll as he has for a while now.  While it all comes down to the Breeders Crown, it seems San Pail would have to implode big time for him to not only lose his top ten ranking, but his lead for the Horse of the Year. 

While I would not deny San Pail's standing, I do find that Foiled Again is not getting the respect he deserves this year; probably because people still think of him as a half mile oval horse.  I would not have him less than fourth in the poll right now and still think he has a shot at becoming the aged pacer of the year; if not the pacer of the year. 

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