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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Friday Night - Vernon Downs Kindergarten Classic

With all the rightful attention being paid to the Breeders Crown, we tend to forget about the fact some other big races are going on this weekend.  Friday night, Vernon Downs features the two finals for The Kindergarten Classic where 2yo trotters are going to be racing for some big money.  How big?  The 2yo colts will be racing for $200,500 and the 2yo fillies will be racing for $182,500.  This series started at the Meadowlands, moved to Lexington and now wraps up at Vernon Downs after a preliminary race.

While we will be handicapping the Breeders Crown, lets take a look at the Kindergarten Classic.  Horses will be listed in post position order:

5th Trot - $200,500; The Kindergarten Classic Final - 2yo Colts
   1 - Gym Tan Laundry (Sears, 3-1) - Won last week's elim from the rail.  Deserves serious attention.
   3 - Catman Dude (Lems, 10-1) - Draws better but seems in a tough spot.  Longshot at best.
   2 -  Southwind Austin (Smith, 9-5) - Gave it up in the stretch late last week.  May do the same again.
   4 -  Kingapore (Schnittker, 8-1) - Still looking for first win but don't see it here.
   5 - A Penny Earned (Morrill, 5-1) - Freshened and just missed last week.  Will be tighter.
2A - Vic Smith (A Miller, 9-5) - Has thrived in this series; why not one more night?
1A - World Cup (Antonacci, 3-1) - 0 for 8 this year.  Weak part of entry.
1B - Blazed (Tetrick, 3-1) - Seems to have trailed off from earlier series form.
   6 - Highland Yankee (Milby, 6-1) - Trip unlikely to go his way.  Pass
Selections: 2A-5-1

7th Trot - $182,500; The Kindergarten Classif Final - 2yo Fillies
1 - All In The Muscles (A Miller, 8-1) - Seems to have overcome breaking issues; will try to follow on rail.
2 - Pretend To Be Nice (Rice, 12-1) - Inside post may improve his chances.  Still will take luck to get involved.
3 - American Saint (Plano, 9-2) - Came from off the pace to win last week's preliminary.  Live threat.
4 - Can't Have My Moni (Tetrick, 7-2) - Gets favorable draw and maycatch fair odds. 
5 - Lady Andi (Sears, 6-1) - Winner of the show award (three third place finishes).  Share at best.
6 - Alderbaran Malibu (F Milby, 10-1) - Most of the time been an also run in this series.
7 - Sterling Volo (Johnson, 15-1) - Not off last couple of starts.
8 - Bridge The Way (Paal, 8-1) - Winner of last race but draws poorly.
9 - Maven (Gingras, 5-2) - Winner of last draws the worst.  Can't see him at 5-2.
Selections: 4-3-9-8

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