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Monday, October 31, 2011

Something's Gotta Move

This past weekend, an exciting Breeders Crown event was held at Woodbine Racetrack.  Unfortunately, the Breeders Crown was lost in all the talk about the Breeders Cup being held this weekend.  For the past two weeks, I was bombarded by e-mails talking about the Breeders Cup contestants having workouts, being shipped to the destination.

Quite honestly, if you were not a harness racing fan, you would never have know the Breeders Crown was taking place.  For those who don't follow harness racing that deeply, they probably though the Breeders Crown was the Breeders Cup.

Somehow, someway, we need to get the Breeders Cup out from the shadow of the Breeders Crown.  Perhaps the first step would be to change the name of the event; eliminate 'Breeders' from the title to help avoid the confusion between the two racing series.  Perhaps if we get more European invaders to participate, we can change the name of the Breeders Crown, to the "Word Harness Racing Championships", Secondly we need to get our series rescheduled; perhaps the week after Lexington or late November.  The fact is the Breeders Cup will always get first call so the first week of November will be the thoroughbred territory.

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Jim H. said...

Sorry to say, I was at Dover Downs Saturday night; the Breeder’s Crown coincided with their opening night.


And this is a racino!

At the track, DD went out of their way to post, “No Live Racing on Friday Night.” FWIW you probably know that Harrington on their opening day has got all kinds of things going on; last Breeder’s Crown, at least you got free programs and the races were on the big screen.

At the DD Racebook, the simulcast was mixed with the rest of the racing fare so if you didn’t know that the Breeder’s Crown was on, you wouldn’t have known. In fact, it was hard to see…it was on a little screen.

My wife and I ordered some lite fare; we pointed out when served that we had no knives, forks, napkins, etc.—so the Manager went back and brought out ONE place setting.

Like last year, despite the fact they have WiFi on premises, it was not turned on (it would have been nice to sit and watch live racing while playing/watching Woodbine on my laptop but, at Dover, is way too much to ask).

I would have been better off going the Wild Buffalo Wings where they have WiFi and far better service.

I don’t get it; I am not speaking of anything that would cost ANYTHING—this is all attitudinal stuff.

Everything is done in the negative (e.g. no racing of Friday Nights; couldn’t they have said when they DO race?)—there is just no sense in going back there.

I don’t get it.