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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Racing Under Saddle - Get In On The Ground Floor

After the exhibition at Yonkers Raceway, it appears there is much support to establish a racing under saddle circuit as a legitimate racing experience in the United States.  Helene Gregory, wife of driver Jeff Gregory is working with the USTA  to establish a list of individuals who want to participate in racing under saddle events.

If you are a driver/rider (female or male) who wish to participate in racing under saddle events; a trainer or owner who is willing to participate and offer horses to these events; or an individual/corporation who is willing be a sponsor, Helene wants to here from you.  The intention is to get a good number of riders and competitive horses to start a circuit of racing under saddle events and if all goes to plan, possibly get these races on the pari-mutuel card.  For those who wish to ride, there will be a separate test required for licensing as a jockey.

If you are interested in participating in racing under saddle, you may contact Helene Gregory and provide her with your name, email address and phone number so a mailing list can be established.  You may contact Helene directly, or if you prefer, you may leave your information here, and I will forward your information to Helene directly.

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