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Saturday, October 8, 2011

A PSA; Glen Garnsey Memorial Selections

Please indulge me telling a non-racing story.

A couple of weeks ago I went for my annual skin exam and the dermatologist discovered a lesion which looked different from last year and she decided it was time to do a biopsy.  No big deal I thought as I have had numerous skin biopsies and they all came back clean,  Friday morning I went back to the dermatologist to hear all was clean once again when I got surprised; this time there was a problem.  While the lesion (freckle) was not cancerous, it was definitely not normal a very high chance of eventually becoming melanoma; let's call it precancerous.  So yesterday, I had the entire mole removed and this time the entire mole is being biopsied, to make sure it has all been removed and there indeed is no melanoma cells.

Yes, it is annoying and takes some time out of your day, but if it was not discovered at this point and left to be, it could have developed into full blown-melanoma.  The point of this story is to suggest if you are not getting an annual skin exams, you get your skin examined by a professional once a year.  You never know, it could save your life.

Before I go over my selections for the Glen Ganrsey Memorial, let's start with an apology first.  I have not been satisfied with my full card selections of late.  Either the horses have been coming in chalky or you need to play with my selections to collect; often at a minimal or no profit at all.  While all horseplayers go through these slumps, I have been posting these selections, hoping I would break out.  Well, enough is enough.  I am sure I will rebound but until I am getting results I am satisfied, I will not post full card selections.  Once I feel I am back on track, I will list my selections again.

With that being said, I will stick pick individual races of import and that means picking the two divisions of the Glen Garnsey Memorial at The Red Mile on Saturday evening.  I have also resumed my Cal Expo Pick 4 selections as my results there have not been poor.

So let's take a look at Garnsey Memorial.

5th Pace - $130,000; The Glen Garnsey Memorial (Division 1) - 3yo Fillies
1 - Strike An Attitude (Palone, 4-1) - Has improved of recent weeks and draws the rail.  A threat.
2 - Idyllic (D Miller, 5-2) - Got cooked in last race.  If can be better rated, she should win here.
3 - Rocklamation (Sears, 6-1) - Went well in Delaware and was freshened.  Not out of it.
4 - Southwind Jazmin (Tetrick, 12-1) - This seems a little deep for her.
5 - Whats New Pussycat (Berry, 8-1) -  Seems well over her head here.
6 - Fox Lady (Pierce, 10-1) - Needs a pace this field doesn't seem likely to race.
7 - Drop The Ball (Gingras, 9-5) - Benefited from fast clip last week.  Don't think it will go her way this week.
Selections: 2- 1-7- 3

10th Pace - $130,000; The Glen Garnsey Memorial (Division 2) - 3yo Fillies
1 - Pretty Katherine (Gingras, 8-1) - Toss Delaware starts.  Occasional fair effort.  Even with rail not likely.
2 - Krispy Apple (Tetrick, 2-1) - Has not been racing well enough to deserve these odds.
3 - Myluvmylife (Sears, 3-1) - Should race better on the mile oval.  Consider.
4 - Honky Tonk Woman (Jamieson, 6-1) - Failed badly in last week's stakes; pass.
5 - Ace Of Pace (D Miller, 8-1) - Would be a shocker.
6 - Swinging Beauty (Mcnair, 7-2) - No chance in last.  Expect much better this week.
7 - Tu Sei Bella (Pierce, 10-1) -  Must step up her game.
Selections: 6-3-2-1

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