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Monday, October 3, 2011

Can't Afford a Champion? How About a Friend?

Today starts the Lexington yearling sales.  Hundreds of thousands of dollars are going to be passed around in search of the next champion.  These horses exceed your budget?  Well, here are a few horses for your consideration.  They certainly won't be champions on the track, but they will make you a champion with your children or a friend for yourself.

Here are a three of rescue horses who are currently being cared for by Horse Rescue United (HRU), a rescue group founded by harness racing trainer Anouk Busch and are currently available for adoption.

These two horses have been rescued by HRU at New Holland earlier this year.    

First up is Cooper. COOPER is a 11 year-old 15.1hh STB gelding- suitable for light driving or trail/pleasure riding (mostly walking with some trotting) for an advanced beginner rider.  Cooper is calm and well-mannered and gets along with other horses.

The picture on the left is Cooper.  Cooper was originally Amished before ending up at New Holland where HRU saved him from slaughter.  The photo has been photo shopped only to remove the tatoo as the point of this column is to find Cooper a new home, not to have the former owner harassed.

This is a picture of Cooper during a ride (the rider's face has been distorted) at HRU's farm.  The photo does not do justice to Cooper, but gives you an idea regarding how he stands.

Next up is Jessica.  JESSICA is a 17 year-old 14.2hh bay STB mare who may be used as a driving pony or for trail/pleasure riding by an advanced smaller teenager/adult rider.  Of course, Jessica would make a wonderful pasture pet/companion.  She has made amazing progress and truly wants to please. Jessica would do best with an understanding, experienced handler. She makes a wonderful driving pony and is also a great pasture pet/companion for other horses. Suited for advanced rider or intermediate+ driver.

Here is a picture of Jessica enjoying some hay.  This girl also was saved from New Holland where she likely faced a horrible ending.  While not known for sure, it is believed she was used by the Amish to pull a cart.
Here is another picture of Jessica, who is being displayed in a profile position.  Clearly this lady would make a wonderful addition to your home.

Lastly, there is Isis.  ISIS is currently in Remsen, New York being fostered by HRU supporters. 

ISIS had been purchased at auction, then was saved from a “rescue” who was starving her and over a dozen other horses. Isis was most likely an Amish horse and is currently living in New York state in a foster home. She is very gentle and sweet. Due to her past neglect, Isis needs a home as a companion/pasture pet

Isis is available for adoption for free to an approved home following a 30-day trial period.  Cooper and Jessica are each available for adoption for a donation of $100 and also come with a 30-day trial period.  An application to adopt these horses or others is required.

These horses and others are available for adoption within the United States through HRU.  Most horses are housed at the Horse Rescue United Farm in New Jersey but at times horses in other states are made available through HRU.  For additional pictures of these horses, you may visit the Horse Rescue United website or their Facebook page where additional photos and videos of HRU horses are available. 

Adoption fees for Horse Rescue United never exceeds $250.  So while you may not be able to afford that next champion at Lexington or Harrisburg, you can certainly find the best equine friend your family ever had and provide a rescued horse a forever home.  Don't see the horse you want?  Contact HRU as they have additional horses available for adoption.  So visit, HRU's website and open up your heart.

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