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Friday, August 12, 2011

Race of the Week

This Friday, I am introducing the "Race of the Week" and for the initial race, it will be the third leg of the J Gerrity Jr  Memorial at Saratoga Raceway, a FFA Late Closer.  Many of you are probably wondering, Huh?  Granted a FFA series preliminary leg of $25,000 may not bring the 'A' list of FFAllers, but smaller tracks deserve recognition as well as the big tracks.  They put on the best races they can so they should be recognized as well.

You may be surprised at some of the horses who are racing in this series, despite the $25,000 purse.  Those owners who send their horses to these series deserve recognition and credit for bringing their horses to these smaller tracks.

Anyway here is my analysis.  Horses are listed in post position order.

Saratoga Raceway (Sat, Aug 13) - 8th Pace - $25,000; J Gerrity Jr. Memorial - FFA LC 3rd Leg
   2 - Ruthless Ace (Dane Jr, 12-1) - Has not had much success in this series thus far.  Pass.
   3 - Go Go Solano (Ginsburg, 5-2) - Winner of first two legs.  Obvious horse to beat but low odds.
   4 - Gallant Yankee (Long, 3-1) - Toss last.  A horse to fear.
   5  - Mystical Valentine (DeVaux, 15-1) - Not likely, but should not be 15-1.
   6 - Kelly's Noah (Crawford, 4-1) -  Folded late in the slop.  Lands a share.
   1 - Noble Falcon (Cappello Jr, 6-1) - Has been dull of recent.  Can't recommend.
   7 - Real Nice (Merton, 9-2) - Can't be dismissed but at 9-2, I'll pass.
   8 - Benns Superman (Dobson, 10-1) - Winner last week gets rewarded with post eight.
   9 - Malicious (Becckwith, 8-1) - May get buried at the start.
1A - Blueridge Western (Randall, 6-1) - Wilted off fast fractions.  Upset with good rating and early position?..
#9  Malicious and #1A score from the second tier.
#1 and #1A - Frank Azur owned, Kevin Mc Dermott trained entry.
Selections: 1A-3-4-5


Anonymous said...

Hey Pacingguy,

I don't mind the 7-Real Nice-And while I'm not crazy about the 9-2 odds-I'll bite. Gallant Yankee and Kelly's Noah will round out my picks....Dare to dream eh?

On a side note, I was just curious as to whether or not Walter Case Jr. is still racing? Can't seem to find much on line.


Pacingguy said...

Walter Case is still on the sidelines. Not sure which state will license him first. I think it is inevitable he will return; just a question of when.