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Friday, August 19, 2011

No Sense to Dwell, Bring Out the Positive

A friend of mine suggested to me that there is no sense to dwell on the closing of Perretti Farms, it is going to happen and there really is not much more to say about the rationale of its closing.  Instead, we should be talking about the incredible opportunities breeding fams now have as there will be a high quality broodmare band you have never see available for public purchase.

He's right.

Think about it, the dams of Muscle Massive, Lucky Chucky, Scarlet Knight, Queen Serene, Modern Art and plenty other superstars are going to be made available in this once in a lifetime dispersal.  What breeding farm would not want to pick up all or part of this broodmare disperal?  It seems to me the sales in Lexington and Harrisburg will be getting a lot more talk and press as these broodmares are being added to this sale.

One farms passing provides other farms a great opportunity.  It should be interesting to see where these broodmares end up.  What states will be fortunate to add them to their local breeding programs?

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