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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Banned in Philadelphia

Got to love those people who do the commerical for PA Harnessweek.  The following commercial was banned by Comcast who claimed it was "obscene, indecent, and lewd".  I for one think it is a hoot.  Yeah, a bit risque but it will attract a younger crowd.

Here is the commerical that was 'Banned in Philadelphia".

Anyway, there will be a live show on MAV-TV on Sunday, starting at 5pm.  If you have MAV-TV, make sure you catch it.  For those who have Comcast SportsNet in the Philadelphia area, while the commerical won't be shown, the broadcast will be on.


JLB said...

Have to disagree with you on this one. Two thoughts come to mind in watching this commercial. The first is the guy at Pimlico who attempted to slug a thoroughbred as the field came storming down the stretch some years ago. Amazingly, he didn't get hurt, and no horses went done.

On a more humorous note, I am reminded of the veteran Del Insko's quote: "The only thing that would surprise me (in harness racing) would be a naked broad at the finish line".

Pacingguy said...

If it was on regular broadcast television I could see it would be too racy. For MAV-TV, this fits their demographics.

I looked at it as being stupid, but funny, just like last year's ad used to promote PA racing of all types when they had some guys shooting horse shoes into the crowd (instead of t-shirts).

Funny? Yes. Stupid? Yes. Obscene? No. That being said, if Comcast SportsNet wanted to limit it's broadcast to evening hours, I wouldn't have a problem.

harrylare said...

"obscene, indecent, and lewd"??? They have to be kidding!!! There is worse on Television and Video Games. People need to lighten up. It amazes me how this country is still in the stone age. I'm surprised we still don't have the I Love Lucy single beds on TV.
C'mon Comet!!!!
Great commercial.