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Friday, August 19, 2011

The Culmination of Old Home Week - Gold Cup and Saucer

Note:  Anyone looking for my selections for Saturdays, Meadowlands card may look at the posting just before this.

Many Americans for the first time will be given the option to play the Gold Cup and Saucer card from Charlottestown Driving Park (CDP).  To commemerate this, I am posting my selections for the card.  No doubt, many of you are not familiar with CDP.  Harness racing in the Canadian Maritimes is more a hobby than a big-time sport with each track racing a limited number of days.  What they may lack in quality is made up in enthusiasm.  The big race in the Maritimes is the Gold Cup and Saucer, a $60,000 race which is held at midnight on the last night.  To get into the final, horses must compete in "Trials"; this year three trials were held.  Unlike eliminations which are held the same day, one trial was held on each day so the trials were held over a span of three days (Saturday, Sunday, and Monday).  Yes, it may be only a $60,000 race, but owners sometimes buy horses just to compete in this race and most owners, trainers, and drivers in all of Canada dream of winning this race; not just horsemen in the Maritimes.  This year, George Teague Jr, sent three horses to quality for the Gold Cup and Saucer, and only one of them made it.

The race is something you have never seen.  You will see the grandstand apron full, horsemen surrounding the entire track to see the race.  This is their big race and it is the one day of racing at CDP which is covered by WEG and HPI.  It truly is special.

For those unfamiliar with CDP, it is a half mile track with eight horses across.  CDP has a double header on Saturday so make sure you are looking at the evening card if you plan to play the races.  The Maritimes are in ADT instead of the EDT time zone so their 7:00pm first post actually takes place at 6:00pm with the Gold Cup and Saucer taking place at 11:00pm EDT.

Here are my selections for Charlottetown's evening card for Saturday.  Please note some races have Also Eligbles drawn.  If I feel any of them are worth looking at, I will make mentions of it.  The last four races has a special $10,000 guaranteed Pick 4.

1st Pace - $850; NW $351 Last 4 Starts (First Post 6:00PM EDT)
3 - Texas Treasure (Bradley, 5-2)
6 - Bendoughlio (Mackenzie, 3-1)
8 - La Traviata (Arsenault, 8-1)
Also Eligible to Watch: AE2 -  Courtege - Can be very dangerous from the inner posts.

2nd Trot - $6,100; Meridian Trotting Series Final
7 - Diana Car (Campbell, 3-1)
4 - Flashy Image (Chappell, 5-2)
5 - Dusty Lane Shelby (Macpherson, 4-1)

3rd Pace - $1,000; NW $501 Last 4 Starts Conditioned
1 - Liams Legacy (Sehl, 7-2)
8 - Charlottes Art (White, 8-1)
6 - Rombo Challenge (Campbell, 3-1)
Also Eligibles to Watch:  AE1- St Lads Dagwood - Don't see him beating the #1 but can be in exotics if he gets in with the drop in class.  AE2 - Nellies Money - Could give top choice a run provided he draws inside; ignore if he draws outside of post four.

4th Pace - $1,150; NW $651 Last 4 Starts 
1 - Miss All Fun (Ja Macdonald, 3-1)
3 -Cambalibra (White, 5-2)
5 - Leave Me Go (G Macdonald, 7-2)

5th Pace - $5,900; Alpine Claiming Series Final ($3,000 Claiming Fillies and Mares)
8 - Timeless Hanover (Allard, 7-2)
2 - River Swing (Mac Phee, 5-2)
4 - Eagle Sarah (Jo Macdonald, 4-1)

6th Pace - $2,500; The Papermaker Pace
1 - Jepson Hanover (Romo, 5-2)
5 - Outlawpositivcharg (Gallant, 3-1)
2 - Putnams Force (Ellis, 6-1)
4 - Wild Ride Hanover (Jo Macdonald, 7-2)

7th Pace - $1,400; NW $801 Last 4 Starts Conditioned
8 - Roscoes Child (Brode A Mac Phee, 5-2)
5 - Tanks Alot (Brian Macphee, 8-1)
3 - Hornswoggle (Shepherd, 3-1)

8th Pace - $11,000 - Joe Obrien Memorial - 3yo Colts
1 - Woodmere Sandman (Trites, 3-1)
4 - Windemere Express (Allard, 10-1)
3 - Tiger Williams (Smith, 7-2)

9th Pace - $5,700; Alpine Claiming Series ($3,000 Claiming Horses and Geldings)
3 - Roccos Cavallo (Stevenson, 5-2)
8 - M G Hurricane (Arsenault, 12-1)
4 - Camscaper (Smith, 6-1)
Also Eliglble to Watch:  AE1 - Major Venue - Horse appears to race best from mid-post.  If draws in the middle, may get into exotics.

10th Pace - $10,000; Gold Cup and Saucer Consolation #2
4 - Im Gorgeous (Stevenson, 4-1)
2 - As Tuff As Nails (Whebby, 7-2)
6 - Rare Jewel (Ellis, 3-1)

11th Pace - $11,000; Joe Obrien Memorial - 3yo Colts (Start of $10,000 Gtd Pick 4 )
1 - Maritimer (Mary Macdonald, 5-2)
2 - The Eagle (Barrieau, 7-2)
8 - Balbriggan Fox (Jo Macdonald, 4-1)

12th Pace - $2,000; Normal Macphail Memorial Pace
5 - MD Hardlys Success (Barrieau, 5-2)
3 - Truth Or Dare (Campbell, 3-1)
6 - Sombrero Blue Chip (Stevenson, 6-1)

13th Pace -  $8,250; The Spud Island Classic Final
5 - Onehotvett (Barrieau, 3-1)
1 - General Lickpercy (Sshepperd, 7-2)
2 - Grace Amd Jarv )Stevemspm. 4-1)
Also Eligible to Watch: AE1 - Abby Best - Winner at Summerside and Truro when she draws post 2 with similar company.  Can be a threat from posts 1-3.

14th Pace - $60,000; Gold Cup and Saucer (Estimated Post 11:00PM EDT)
1 - Fire On The Water (A Macdonald, 7-2) - Likely won't last with anticipated fractionss.
2 - Firethorn (Jo Macdonald, 8-1) - Trial winner flew home with a :27.1 quarter.  My pick.
3 - Blissfull Breeze (Mark Macdonald, 5-2) - Riding three race win streak.  Legitimate contender.  No value.
4 - Part Shark (Barrieau, 3-1) - Don't expect him to tire this week with fractions expected.  Threat.
5 - Did It Again (Allard, 10-1) - Hung out to dry.  Gets driver change for final.  Don't ignore.
6 - Fleet Sensation (Ja Macdonald, 12-1) - Program shows only wins.  At these odds may need to look.
7 - Pontiac Luck (Shepherd, 6-1) - Was racing nw3 at Mohawk.  Don't see.
8 - Oakmont (Romo, 15-1) - The hometown favorite.  Would be a shocker.
9 - Western Ace (Stevenson, 4-1) - American entrant doesn't seem to rate against these.
AE1 - Strand Hanover - Hung out to dry in trial.  Winner at Big M Inv.  Can win if draws inside.
AE2 - Secret Weapon - Seems off form with last victory at Hanover.  Must step up big time if gets in.
#9 Western Ace scores from second tier.
Selections: 2-4-3


Anonymous said...

Winner last year was Part Shark not secret Weapon

Pacingguy said...

Anon, thanks for the correction. The memory is not what it once was.