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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gold Cup and Saucer Comes to the Meadowlands

With the bad news of the past couple of days, it is time for some good news.  The Gold Cup and Saucer comes to the Meadowlands this Saturday.  Well, not really, but the Meadowlands will be simulcasting the entire card 15 race card from Charlottetown Driving Park with the Gold Cup and Saucer taking place at 11:00pm.

No doubt the quality of racing at Charlottetown Driving Park is not the type which typically would interest New Jersey players, but the fact is the Gold Cup and Saucer is the Little Brown Jug of Canada, a race horsemen from the major racing circuit of Canada try to win.  This year, George Teague Jr has a horse racing in the final as well.  The fact the Meadowlands is simulcasting the race, shows that they recognize the significance of this race.  For those attending closing night at the Meadowlands, you should note post time for the first race at CDP is 6:00pm.  Later in the week, I will handicap the entire Charlottetown card. 

In the meanwhile, here is the field for the $60,000 Gold Cup and Saucer.

1 - Fire On the Water (Anthony MacDonald)
2 - Firethorn (John MacDonald)
3 - Blissful Breeze (Mark MacDonald)
4 - Part Shark (Gilles Barrieau)
5 - Did It Again (Simon Allard)
6 - Fleet Senations (James MacDonald)
7 - Pontiac Luck (TBA)
8 - Oakmont (Danny Romo)
9 - Western Ace (Mike Stevenson)

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