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Friday, August 26, 2011

The Kindergarten Classic - Feature Race of the Week

This week's feature race is the first leg of The Kindergarten Classic at Vernon Downs which is being contested on Friday night.  There are four legs to this series with the first and fourth leg being contested at Vernon Downs while the second and third legs are contested at The Red Mile.  The purse amounts are not that great with $10,000 eliminations, but for those who make it to the final on October 26 at Vernon Downs, they will be racing for an estimated $200,000 for the colts and $180,000 for the fillies.

For Friday night, the 2yo Filly trotters take to the track in three divisions.  Here is my analysis for all three divisions.

Vernon 4th Trot - $10,000; The Kindergarten Classic - 2yo Fillies (1st Leg-1st Division)
1 - The Sorceress (Stark, 5-2) - Nice qualifier and draws rail.
2 - Angel Eyes Hanover (Whittemore, 6-1) - Should eat this field for lunch.  Ignore odds.
3 - Alexandria Lindy (Antonacci, 8-1) - Jumped at start of last week.  Must get away slow.
4 - Vari Forgetful (Clarke, 9-2) - Came back nice after short break.  Seems to be a good one.
5 - She's All In (Miller, 7-2) - Showed one good effort at Big M, but also throws clunkers.  Which one shows up.
6 - Soprano Hanover (Lopez, 8-1) - Makes first start.  Tab for later.
7 - Ladycane (Lems, 10-1) - Another first time starter.
8 - Sweet Sally (Okusko, 15-1) - Doesn't seem ready.
9 - Goddess Of Time (Johnson, 12-1) - Post should eliminate.
Selections: 2-4-1-5

Vernon 7th Trot - $10,000; The Kindergarten Classic - 2yo Fillies (1st Leg-2nd Division)

1 - Angus Princesse (Mac Donald, 15-1) - First time starter.  Need to see how fast.
2 - Sandra Volo (Johnson, 5-2) - Won at Chester in 2nd level PA Sired race.
3 - Bridge The Way (Hegdal, 8-1) - Good in the morning and bad in the afternoon.  Use caution.
4 - Aldebaran Malibu (Whittemore, 8-1) - Not ready for prime time.
5 - Southwind Syrinx (Miller, 7-2) - May be ready at first chance.
6 - Deweyneedmorewine (Ray Schnittker, 9-2) - Has shown some good efforts.
7 - Pretend To Be Nice (Huckabone, 8-1) - NYSS winner draws outside.  Don't rule out.
8 - Lindy's Madonna (Antonacci, 10-1) - Broke tired last start.  Need to see.
9 - Ava Marior (Okusko, 12-1) - Broke on lead in stretch.  Hard luck thus far.
Selections: 5-2-6-7

Vernon 9th Trot - $10,000; The Kindergarten Classic - 2yo Fillies (1st Leg-3rd Division)
1 - Mrs D (Whittemore, 12-1) - Woke up in morning race.  Hard to gauge.
2 - Holier Than Thou (Milby, 6-1) -May have found the right level.  Consider.
3 - Joy To The World (Schnittker, 7-2) - First time starter.
4 - Asian Pageant (Lopez, 8-1) - Not able to keep up with field.
5 - Hula La (Meittinis, 10-1) - Fair effort at Meadowlands.
6 - Lady Andi (Lems, 9-2) - Woke up last time at long odds  Not sure.
7 - Donatoprincess (Miller, 5-2) - Jumped off earl and often.
8 - Celebrity Lovin (Lind, 8-1) -  Consistent sort.  May be the best
Selections: 8-3-1

Sunday at Tioga Downs is the second leg of the Tioga Driving Championship and the East Coast is due a visit from Hurricane Irene.  Unless the forecast changes, expect a lot of tracks to be cancelling for the day.  With luck Tioga will be able to race.  Hopefully, those of you on the East coast will take the appropriate steps to be safe.  Safety comes first; you can always play the horses tomorrow.  Here is a link for hurricane safety tips.    

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