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Sunday, December 29, 2013

You May Have Missed It; Marc Mosher Tells His Side of the Story

Last week, Harnesslink's Steve Wolf ran a story chiding racetrack management for not doing their homework when it comes to people who may be potentially problematic.  In the story, Wolf talks about the right of exclusion and how they decided during his tenure at Pompano Park who could race or not race there.  Three individuals cited in the story are Lou Pena, Dean Eckley, and Marc Mosher.

This article in case you missed it is a much read.  While we get an idea how tracks decide who gets to race there, what needs to be discussed is why some racing commissions also appear not to do their work or are more liberal in making their decisions by allowing certain people licenses who can't get licensed elsewhere.  After all, if a racing commission doesn't license a person, racetrack management doesn't have to make these decisions.  One hopes Wolf will get the opportunity to do a story on that subject.

Anyway, Marc Mosher, apparently as a result of being named in Wolf's article, wanted the opportunity to explain his side of the story and show how he is a changed person.  To Harnesslink's credit, they gave Mosher his opportunity to explain it and it has been published today.  While you may or may not be sympathetic to Mosher's story, it never hurts to give a person a chance to explain themselves.  Of course, while he may have been trying to cut a break for someone else, the fact remains he did violate the rules and as he did suffer the consequences.  

The million dollar question is at what point does someone no longer deserve another chance?  Right now it is totally subjective.  Personally, I prefer a more impersonal way, earning points for individual violations and at a certain point, when you pass the threshold, you are shown the door for good.  Certain points would expire after a period of time (such as locking wheels) and other points wouldn't expire (such as failure to give full effort, drug violations, etc.).

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