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Friday, December 6, 2013

Horsepower: The Movie Latest Trailer. Become a Partner

There is the film "Horsepower: The Movie" which is looking for support.  This is a film which looks at the American Horse; the history as well as the horse industry including the issues regarding the horse including rescue and slaughter.  The film attempts to provide an unbiased view to let the viewer make their own decision after hearing the pros and the cons.   Here is the latest trailer from the movie.

To complete the film, they are looking partners and investors to help in post production work and distribution.  Others can contribute as well using Paypal.  For information on how you can support the film, check the 'Horse Power The Movie' Facebook page.

A Forgotten Racetrack:  In New Jersey there was a harness track in Vernon Township. brings it back to life in an article.

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