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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Premier Wynne Speaks to Trot Magazine

Ontario Premier Wynne agreed to an interview with Daryl Kaplan of Trot Magazine/Standardbred Canada to talk about the five year transition plan.  After you see the interview, you can form your own opinions but for the most part, Ontario's horsemen are not thrilled with the responses as the answers seem to be political-speak and vague.  Of course, these are horsemen who are unhappy as they lost their SARP.

I prefer to look at it in a more optimistic frame.  The fact is the Premier agreed to the interview so I believe it shows the Premier is sincere in helping the industry.  Wynne admits the initial decision to end SARP was done half-assed and they are now trying to look at the big picture and get the sport moving again.

Look, horsemen are angry.  Anyone who just had their purses slashed because of a unilateral decision would be bitter but you can remain angry and watch opportunity pass you by or you can look past it and work to better the product.

What has passed has passed.  The time has come to look and move forward.

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