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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Harness Racing Update Looks at the Yonkers November 29 Race

Since we talked about this race here, I want to share with you the investigation performed by Harness Racing Update.  They find some things can be done differently, but nothing was done wrong.  Apparently, Yonkers Raceway has done some things to make sure the time the race goes off is known to the second so it can be matched against when the windows close.

The one thing the HRU report doesn't address is the possibility that The Red Mile may have received a C-Band signal.  This can be they don't get it or they just missed it.  As we discussed, a C-Band signal could give bettors a six second advantage.  It would be nice if this possibility was further explored; either to dismiss the possibility or to confirm it so it may be addressed.

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