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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Racing Soap Opera and A Christmas Miracle?

Just when you thought you heard about the end of Bulletproof Enterprises, another chapter to the saga is about to be written.  News comes that Jeffrey Brooks and Bulletproof Enterprises have taken the ruling of the ORC to the judicial courts in Ontario in an effort to overturn a 10 year ban and fine amounting to $400,000.   Reading the decision of the ORC, it seems pretty much a foolproof case, but it is Brooks' right to appeal so here we go through another chapter of Racing Soap Opera.

A Christmas Miracle?   In Illinois, SB66 (the bill to deal to extend the authorization of ADWs) is ready for a vote by both houses of the State Legislature during today's special session to deal with the pension crisis.  The only problem is it will not be called for a vote until the legislature deals with the pension issue and even then, previous promises to call a racing bill up for a vote have not been kept.  The good news is if the bill does come up for a vote, it is easily expected to pass, saving racing in the Prairie State.  Of course, the operative word is 'IF'.

News also comes that NYRA, has plans to raise admission prices in 2014 for attending races both at Belmont Park and Saratoga Racetrack.  General Admission to the grandstand will go from $3 to $5 while clubhouse admission will go from $5 to $8.  Aqueduct admission will continue to be free.

Actually, being Saratoga Racetrack is in a tourist area and they stage a boutique meet, I can see the temptation to raise admission fees.  After all, if you can afford to stay in an area hotel, the extra $2 isn't going to hurt you.  However, raising fees at Belmont Park makes no sense to me, unless you are looking to herd people to the casino at Aqueduct. 


Anonymous said...


How much more crazy can things get? That hoped for miracle in Illinois is more like a Shakespearean tragedy where harness racing will die slowly with a dozen or so dates in 2014.

As bad as that is, what are the track owners in Michigan thinking? Hazel Park and Northville want 10 days each for harness and a slightly longer schedule for t-breds.

I don't get it. Why would any track spend all that money to change surfaces for each breed and then run a handful of dates?

And Northville is a half-mile track! They have to be kidding. Thoroughbreds will come around the tight turns and wind up in the parking lot or a city street. Danger, Will Robinson!

Pacingguy said...

Their plans are to switch over to the runners and mixed breeds and drop standardbreds starting in 2015. So it would be a one time changeover.