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Monday, November 11, 2013

Monticello Raceway Scores a Coup

Monticello Raceway has scored a coup with their Maple Leaf Trot, one of the races in the Heritage Series.  The race is scheduled for November 20.  What's the coup?  Driver Ronnie Wrenn Jr., who typically drives at Northfield Park is planning to come in and compete in the race. 

Those of you who follow Northfield Park know what a coup this is.  Those who concentrate on racing in the Northeast Corrider are probably saying so what?  Well, how often do you get the leading dash winning driver who is not based on the East Coast to show up at a track like Monticello?  Not often.

Wrenn is willing to come in for the race provided he can get some additional drives in addition to the one race.  I suspect the racing secretary Eric Warner will have no problem lining up drives for him.  So if you have a day available, why not go to Monticello that day and see how the leading driver in the nation does against other drivers with Canadian backgrounds as well as the local talent?

As a side note, it is a shame the Meadowlands is not open that day.  It would have been a great  opportunity to invite Wrenn down to race at the Meadowlands for a day and get a taste of racing on the big track.  After all, tracks should always be looking to improve and freshen up their driver colony.

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Anonymous said...


This is nothing more than a hunch, but I think Wrenn, Jr., is looking to drive in the east other than upstate NY.

He claimed a horse at Pocono a few weeks ago and it's racing there as that track's season nears the end.

Monticello is a way to make contacts with people who race at The Meadowlands, Yonkers, Harrah's and Pocono.