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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I Am a Harness Racing Horse Needs Your Help

Funding Sought:  I Am a Harness Racing Horse is seeking funding to help complete a trailer which is planned for airing on television.  10% of the funds collected will be donated to the Standardbred Retirement Foundation and all donors will be listed in a Special Thanks section in the credits.

We've talked about I Am a Harness Racing Horse before.  This film will be a tool to promote and educate the standardbred and harness racing to the public.  If you can't get people to the track, you have to bring the track to the people and this film is a way to do it.  Whatever you can donate will be appreciated.  So consider donating to help this film see the light of day. 

Disclaimer: I have no connection to this project and do not receive any compensation from this project and as such am not responsible for the claims and contents of the named project.  I just feel it is important to get the word out about our equine athletes and the sport.

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