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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Look Back At The Harrisburg Sale Part 3 (1st Installment On Trotters)

My total number sold sometimes differs by one or two from the figures generally published. That’s because those horses are listed as not having been sold. Sorry if I missed an RNA horse here and there…..Credit Winner sold 24 for a 77K average. Six of them brought 100,000 or more, with two of those going for more than 200,000. And a whopping 58% sold for 50K or more. Only two failed to top 15,000. Last year three Credit Winners broke the 100K barrier at Harrisburg. He isn’t a high volume sire: in 2011 42 sold for a respectable 45K average; last year only 16 went through the ring at Harrisburg, with half of those selling for 50K or more. He stood for 10K in 2006, 15K in 2009 and is currently at the 12K level. Like Art Major, who stands for the same amount, he can get it done in the NYSS and on the Grand Circuit.

Eighteen Dewey’s sold for an average of 26,000. The results are skewed somewhat by a filly out of a sister to Maven who brought 155K. Four of them, or 22%, brought in 50K or more, while 66%--11 of the 15—sold for 15,000 or less. A coupon for a free lobotomy should come with the 50K purchase of a Dewey yearling. He started out in Kentucky for a 20,000 stud fee and dominated the SS program there, but being a big fish in a tiny pond couldn't justify a very high fee and his offspring were all but useless on the GC. He carried that same inflated fee to Ontario, where he was OK, but not 20K worth of OK.  He’s now standing in New York for half that much. Those up for sale at Harrisburg were Ontario eligible. Ma Chere Hall is the best Dewey thus far. Deweycolorintheline won the Yonkers Trot on a fluke and Master Of Law prefers running to trotting. Considering the expectations that accompanied him to stud, he’s been an abject failure. A guy from Moscow bought a colt for 10K; I hope he doesn’t plan on standing him. Walnut Hall gave him a much better chance than most get but he hasn’t responded. Only a couple of crops have raced; maybe there will be more Ma Chere Halls.

Cantab Hall, the sire of Father Patrick and Wheeling N Dealin, the dominant freshmen of the last two years, had another solid year at Harrisburg. 26 sold for an overall average of 50,000. Three topped 100,000 and a dozen, or 46%, topped 50K. He stood for 7,500 in 2012 and was one of the few to step up during the economic downturn. He is now at 10,000. Jimmy Takter bought a full brother to Father Patrick for 450K at the Lexington Selected Sale.

Crazed  stood at Blue Chip in New York for 7,500 in 2010. He dropped down to 3,500 the following year, and was subsequently relocated to Hanover, where he stands for 6,000. He serves as a link to Super Bowl and Stars Pride, who are essential components of the Hanover legacy. This year 28 sold for an average of almost 24K. None of those topped 100,000 and only three, or 11%, sold for 50K or more. On the other hand, 46% of them failed to pass the 15K threshold. Crazy About Pat and Tirade Hanover earned money in the NYSS, but if Hanover is going to revive Stars Pride, maybe they should go get Kadabra. The 28 in this offering are NYSS eligible’s, but New York or Pennsylvania, the water is deep in either direction. They say Ohio is nice at this time of year.

A couple of years ago Andover Hall’s average was skewed by the 825K purchase of Detour Hanover by the Cancelliere brothers. (The Muscle Massive-D Train  filly in this year’s sale was pulled.) Last year Andover Hall came back down to earth as his overall average fell 48% and his top seller brought only 75K. Three of the 36 sold this year topped 100K and 10, or 28%, brought at least 50,000. Only five sold for 15K or less. The fourteen-year-old has been up and down when it comes to his fee. He was at 25K in 2007; 30K the following year; and now stands for ten. His sons Spider Blue Chip and Creatine are in the upper echelon of sophomore trotters and Nuncio is a very fast freshman.

The Cancelliere brothers gave Lucky Chucky’s average a boost to 53K in Lexington by virtue of the 450K they doled out for a half brother to Muscle Massive and Muscle Mass. There were no such guardian angels at Harrisburg; Chucky topped out at 105,000, and that colt was the only one to crack that barrier. The 32 sold—18 colts and 14 fillies—averaged more than 32,000. Eight of them, or 25%, brought 50K or more. Not that different from the results in Lexington, if you throw out the outlier. Chuck Sylvester bought a couple in Lexington and a few more here.

Just as Norman Greenbaum was a one hit wonder with Spirit In The Sky, Glidemaster is one with Maven. Blue Porsches showed all sorts of promise at two, but couldn’t carry on. And Puxsutawney is OK, but there isn’t much there aside from Maven. 16 of them—12 colts and 4 fillies—sold for a disappointing average of 15,000. None sold for 50,000 and 56% failed to bring more than 15,000. He stood for 15K in Pennsylvania in 2010 but was down to half that by 2012. This year he stood for 4,000 in Pennsylvania and will be relocated to New York for the 2014 season at the same rate. Good luck.

Only six Broadway Halls went through the sale this year. A full brother to Fashion Athena sold for 62K, but aside from that it was pretty bleak. Frau Blucher and Cooler Schooner carried the ball for Broadway Hall this year.

Muscles Yankee hit bottom last year: 44 of them sold for a 28K average, down 33% from 2011. He was subsequently shuttled to a stallion station in Newtown, PA and has since been moved to Winbak in New York. Due to the dismantling of Perretti, fewer than half as many sold this year, but his average was up more than 36%. A half brother to Wheeling N Dealin sold for 155K.

[to be continued]



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