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Friday, November 8, 2013

Get Ready for 13 Days of Racing in Illinois

It is starting to look more likely that there will be only 13 days of harness racing in Illinois come 2014 due to the inability of Arlington Park (reach TwinSpires/CDI) and the rest of the racing industry to get together on an ADW bill they can all live with.  As a result, no bill was called for a vote and the veto session of the legislature ended last night.

There are two more chances.  The legislature will be called back into session after Thanksgiving for a special session related to the pension crisis in the state and there is a possibility of a one day session in January.  However, unless Arlington Park comes to their senses and meets the other racing interests in the state, it is unlikely anything will happen.  As a result, ADW wagering will expire in the state on January 31 and racing in the state will collapse, be it thoroughbred or standardbred.

Well, if anything good comes out of this, it looks like there will be more horses available to race in the Northeast this coming spring and summer.

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