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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Dan Patch Award Choices For 2013

My Dan Patch winners for 2013

Horse of the Year: Bee A Magician

Trotter of the Year: Bee A Magician

Pacer of the Year: Captaintreacherous

Two-Year-old Colt Trotter: Father Patrick

Two-Year-Old Filly Trotter: Shake It Cerry

Two-Year-Old Colt Pacer: He’s Watching

Two-Year-Old Filly Pacer: Precocious Beauty

Three-Year-Old Colt Trotter: Royalty For Life

Three-Year-Old Filly Trotter: Bee A Magician

Three-Year-Old Colt Pacer: Captaintreacherous

Three-Year-Old Filly Pacer: I Luv The Nitelife

Older Horse & Gelding Trotter: Market Share

Older Mare Trotter: Maven

Older Horse & Gelding Pacer: Foiled Again

Older Mare Pacer: Anndrovette

The choices are pretty obvious this year. The only one up for grabs, as I see it, is the award for the best older pacing mare. Anndrovette won the most money but Rocklamation wasn’t far behind and she had more stakes wins. Since there wasn’t a whole lot separating them I went with the incumbent.



Blaine said...

Looks about perfect to me....

Anonymous said...

Captaintreacherous is no lock for pacer of the year. After Foiled Again's performance tonight I actually believe he is deserving of this award over the Captain. The Captain may prevail in the voting, but it will be very close either way.

Anonymous said...

Foiled may be voted POY as a tribute to his legacy, but he doesn't deserve that award. He won three stakes races this year, the TVG final, the BC and the Franklin. Not enough. Foiled lost 62% of his 2013 starts, many of them to marginal competitors. The POY can't lose that many races.

The Captain, who made fewer starts, lost 19% of his starts. He won the BC, Pace, NA Cup, Tattersalls Pace, Cane, Hempt, Bluegrass and Am-Nat. That's a much more impressive season long record.

If Pet Rock had won the TVG last night there's a good chance he would have won the Older H&G Pacer division. You can't be POY if you're that close to losing your own division coming into your last start of the year.

POY is an award for a single season; it's not a lifetime achievement award.