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Saturday, March 10, 2012

When Bad Guys Get In

Today, HRU had an editorial from Bill Finley regarding the appearance of Marc Mosher at Chester Downs yesterday.  In the editorial, he wonders how the PHRC could give Mosher a license after being caught injecting a horse with a substance that allegedly caused the death of his trainee. as well as being indicted in New York for trafficking EPO and snake venom.   Pull The Pocket also weighed in as well on this subject as well.

There have been other cases where 'undesirables' have been allowed to race in other states, but often they head over the border either way to escape their wrong doings.  Sometimes, it is due to commissions not caring; but often it is due to racing commissions not investing in upgrading their systems.

For example, a person shows up to the track on the day they race and obtains their license.  Based on the answers on their applications, the person gets licensed.  Then, the application is forwarded to the state headquarters of the commission where a more thorough check of the application is be done; checking the USTA database for violations, etc.  Often there, that is when the violation is detected and the trouble is discovered.  These checks need to be done at the point the application is made.

No, Marc Mosher should have been drummed out of the business, no mistake about it.  However, before blaming Chester Downs, the finger should be pointed to the Pennsylvania Racing Commission.  I am not saying every person who has made a mistake (which these most certainly were not), should be banished, but there needs to be a red line in the sand where the commissions say, "Don't even apply; you are wasting your time".

That being said, let's assume Chester didn't know of Mosher's prior problems.  Now that they do, let's see what happens.  Perhaps, they will do the right thing yet.

Billy Paker Jr. Returns:  Well, in a much more positive story, Billy Parker Jr. is in the process of launching his comeback to racing at Monticello Raceway on  March 19 following cancer surgery. Here is a man, who has gone through many personal trials and tribulations in his life and he keeps bouncing back.  How Billy Parket Jr. is not in the Hall of Fame escapes me.  Yes, he may be a journeyman but he is the seventh in the all-time winning driver list and that should account for me.  The fact he has overcome so much adversity in life makes it even more impressive.  Hopefully, the Hall of Fame will see his worthiness before too long.

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