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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Great Article; Have Your Say

Great Article: Thanks to, I found a great article if you are a real fan of the sport. This article talks about a gentleman in Maine who has been documenting all the old racetracks in Maine that have gone by the wayside. It is a good read.

It is clear that I was not overly pleased with the just concluded USTA meeting.  That being said, you may have a totally different opinion regarding the meeting; perhaps you are very pleased with how things worked out?  Here is your chance to have your say.

Feel free to take the survey if you wish.  If there was anything in particular you were pleased or not please with, feel free to leave a response.  As long as it is respectful, it will be posted.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ijust don't get it. These guys are willing to roll over and play dead. I am starting to think the powers to be are at the point in their lives where they would be happy to see the game "survive" for a few more years and simply retire and walk away not really caring if the sport dies. THEY ACCOMPLISHED NOTHING AT THIS MEETING.