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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Battle in the Catskills

I found an interesting article in the Times Herald-Record about a legal battle brewing in the Catskills.  If there is any article that proves racing is an afterthought for the vast majority of casino operators this is it.
Look at what is going on in Ohio, racetracks are being moved around like musical chairs, not to get a good market for the racing, but to maximize casino operations.

There are times I think horsemen who don't have slots at their tracks are better off the way they are.  In some ways, getting slots is like making a deal with the devil; sooner or later the devil is going to want to get paid back and horsemen are going to end up on the short end of the deal.

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Anonymous said...

Watching live horse racing is important to me and I go as often as possible. But it's clear there aren't many like me.

We could debate how much the tracks, racinos and horsemen have done to promote racing. The truth is people don't go to the tracks as they once did and even those still interested in racing can bet from home.

Pennsylvania horsemen were at a legislative hearing this week to fight the governor's plan to reduce their purse fund. When a lawmaker said he understood their concern about purses, their incomes, employment, etc., he asked what all the slot money has done to increase fan interest in racing.

The horsemen had to admit the slots have rewarded them, but done nothing to attract fans or increase race betting.

The truth hurts!