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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Palone Hits the 15K Mark

This afternoon Dave Palone hit the 15,000 mark in wins at The Meadows and was greeted by the North American all-time dash winner, Herve Filion who has amassed 15,180 victories.  The question should be asked how long until Filion's record is smashed?  My guess is by early summer it will happen if not sooner.

The detractors no doubt will say Palone didn't do it in the Metropolitan New York area in an attempt to cheapen his accomplishment.  Rubbish.  For anyone to be around to amass 15,000 victories is an accomplishment which should not be cheapened.  In addition to the Meadows, Palone drives the on the Grand Circuit where he takes on the name drivers.  There will be no asterisks when he sets the all time mark.

Congratulations Dave Palone on hitting 15,000 victories.  On now to breaking 15,180.

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