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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Inter Dominion 2012 Final Preview

Tomorrow is the final for the 2012 edition of the Interdominions.  The $1 million (Australian) contest is scheduled to go off at 5:10AM (EST) on Friday morning and will be contested at 2,506 meters.  Here is the field for the final.

Race 7- INTER DOMINION PACING CHAMPIONSHIP (M0 or Better) - 2506 Meters Mobile Start
1MR FEELGOOD USAL A McCarthyJohn McCarthy C39 M32    5.50-1
2LOMBO NAVIGATORA L De CampoMatthew White C15 M7  81.00-1
3RAGLAN NZT G ButtDarren Hancock C13 M9  21.00-1
4CROMBIEP K TilbrookChris Lewis C14 M7  17.00-1
5MYSTA MAGICAL MACH NZT SvilicichMorgan Woodley C18 M13  71.00-1
6SMOKEN UP NZL J JusticeJohn Justice C53 M48    3.00-1
7IM THEMIGHTYQUINN NZG E Hall (Snr)Gary Hall (Jnr) C37 M32    2.20-1
8CAN RETURN FIRE NZG S BondColin Brown C15 M7    101.00-1
9AUCKLAND REACTOR NZM PurdonAnthony Butt C27 M21    6.00-1
AE1CROMAC JOHNNY NZ G L WilliamsGrant Williams C16 M8  81.00-1
AE2DASHER VC NZ P K TilbrookC13 M6  31.00-1
Here is my review of the race.  Under Class, you will see CxxMxx which  represents the number of wins at country meets and metropolitan meets.  Metropolitan meets have higher purses. 
1 - Mr Feelgood (USA) 1-2-4 (Last 3 Starts) - Won his last preliminary leg at this 2,506m distance by coming hime three wide in his last start in a mile rate of 1.55.4 (in tenths).  Finished second to Auckland Reactor in prior start defeated by 2.1 meters.  Legitimate chance here.
2 - Lombo Navigator (AUS) 2-2-6 -   Finished second behind Smoken Up, losing by 1.5 meters was unable to close anything in last start.  Draws better post this time.  May land share.
3 - Raglan (NZ) 2-1-6 - Won at 2,100 meters but finished second, 19.1 meters back behind Imthemightyquinn in last start after having the lead at the bell.  Can't rule out but not likely.
4 - Crombie (AUS) 3-2-1 - Appears better at shorter distances.  Seems to reace better when draws the outside post.  I would toss.
5 - Mysta Magical Mach (NZ) 3-2-5 - Seems to be raced on the outside the entire race.  Nice horse but I can't see him winning.
6 - Smoken Up (NZ) 1-1-1 - Has won his three preliminary legs and on four race win streak.  Won last elimination in 1:56 mile rate.  Appears to have the perfect post and seems to be the one to beat.
7 - Imthemightyquinn (NZ) - 1-1-1 - Winner of his three prelimiary legs; last in 1:57.5 mile rate.  Like the breeding (by a Sokys Atom dam).  Was three wide in the middle of the race.  Gave up lead in last race to take back in the bell lap.  Would be my first pick except drawing outside for the first time in this series.  Definite threat.
8 - Can Return Fire (NZ) - 5-3-2 - Between by 34.8 meters by Imthemightquinn in last start.  Been awhile since he won.  Would be a big upset if he won this race.  Pass.
9 - Auckland Reactor (NZ) - 1-1-1 - Has been hot in this series; again another one that swept his eliminations including his 1:55.2 mile rate last week.  Will be gunning early for the lead which he may not get.  Have concern he may not be able to race off the pace. Suspect miracle run comes to an end this start.
AE1 - Cromc Johnny (NZ) - 2-4-5 - Improved at longer distance but this AE1 will need to draw inside post if he gets into race.  Otherwise, it may be a long day.
AE2 - Dasher VC (NZ) - 6-5-2 - Has done worse as the distance has gotten further.  Can't picture a positive scenario if he draws in.
Selections:  Smoken Up,  Mr Feelgood, Imthemightyquinn,  Lombo Navigator, Auckland Reactor    

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