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Saturday, March 24, 2012

George Morton Levy Series Kicks Off and Miscellanery

Saturday brings us six divisions of the George Morton Levy Series at Yonkers Raceway, featuring Atochia,  Pacer of the Year Foiled Again, One More Laugh who has yet to show he can handle the aged FFA class, and others.  This series is probably the best late closing series in the nation; five weeks of eliminations prior to the $500,000 final.  If we had more series like the Levy, we would have no problem with being able to attract older horses to keep on racing.

I must make a comment here.  There is something wrong when a trainer (Casie Coleman) can just turn her stable over to another trainer (Andrew Harris).  I am not even talking about suspending the horses, but stables shouldn't be turned over wholesale to a trainer only to return back to the trainer when they come back from the suspension.  It is a mockery.

Scratched; Now We're Not - Reibercrombie is being allowed to race after being scratched after being suspended for 90 days by the Ontario Racing Commission after getting a medication positive (see above story).  A stay has been issued.  I understand the racing commission allows for hearings, and that is fine but what should happen if the appeal is denied, is any earnings from this week should be forfeited.

 Saratoga Raceway Shut Down: A horse that raced at Saratoga Raceway has developed strangles resulting in racing being cancelled until April 11. Any horses thave have raced at Saratoga or trainer that raced there has been delcared person or horse non-grata from Buffalo Raceway and other tracks are sure to issue restrictions.  Some of the horses racing in the Levy had recently raced at Saratoga so there may be some scratches forthcoming.  This will also not help the Meadowlands which also gets horses that have raced at Saratoga.

As with the Blue Chip Matchmaker which was contested last night, I will post my selections for the six divisions along with comments.

3rd YR - $50,000 Pace - George Morton Levy Series - FFA Horses and Geldings 1st Leg 1st Division
3 - Powser Of Tara N (Holland, 12-1) -  Look who he ran against in NZ.  From inside may control his destiny. Only if long.
2 - Art Two D Two (Buter, 8-1) - Finally gets post relief.  Must make most of it.
1 - Macraider N (Brennan, 5-1) - Chance if up front at the quarter.  Will he get it?
4 - Strand Hanover (Sears, 8-5) -  Off two race win streak returns to the half.  Too chalky for me.

4th YR - $50,000 Pace - George Morton Levy Series - FFA Horses and Geldings 1st Leg 2nd Division
1 - Code Word (Gingras, 8-5) - Seems to have gotten the draw.  One to beat.
2 - Foreign Officer (Pantaleano, 4-1) - Must hold on in the stretch.  Threat if rated.
5 - One More Laugh (Schnittker, 6-1) - Has yet to show he has made the transition to Aged FFAller.

5th YR - $50,000 Pace - George Morton Levy Series - FFA Horses and Geldings 1st Leg 3rd Division
2 - Clear Vision (Gingras, 3-1) - Understandably tired in season debut.  Threat if gets away good.
5 - Power Of A Moment (Holland, 5-1) - Needs to get involved early.  Should land share.
3 - Fitz's Z Tam (Sears, 4-1) - Must be able to throttle back at start.
4 - Mainland Key N (Goodell, 5-1) - Appears to be best of rest.

6th YR - $50,000 Pace - George Morton Levy Series - FFA Horses and Geldings 1st Leg 4th Division
4 - Silent Swing (Macdonald, 5-1) - This veteran just keeps on going.  Has chance before others get a couple under belt.
1 - Summer Camp (Bartlett, 8-5) - Gets in against seemingly easier.  Rail not as big a help as to others.
3 - Southern Allie (Gingras, 4-1) - Winner in Mea Pref Hcp returns East for Burke.  Share with trip.

8th YR - $50,000 Pace - George Morton Levy Series - FFA Horses and Geldings 1st Leg 5th Division
3 - Atochia (Gingras, 8-5) - Has one under the belt.  Looks to be easy win if tight.
4 - Nob Hill High (Stratton, 8-1) - Steps up off of win and tries luck.  Lands share with trip.
5 - Rock To Glory (Goodell, 3-1) - Has been at top of game and eligible to do better than rated.
2 - Flipper J (Sears, 6-1) - Fell short at the Spa from bad post.  Factor here. 

9th YR - $50,000 Pace - George Morton Levy Series - FFA Horses and Geldings 1st Leg 6th Division
5 - Real Nice (Bartlett, 4-1) - May be able to take advantage of Foiled Again possibly being short.
6 - Foiled Again (Gingras, 7-5) - Love the horse, hate the odds especially in first start.  Your move.
1 - Blatantly Good (Brennan, 8-5) - Should get involved from the rail


Anonymous said...


We now have two horses allowed to race in the U.S. while under suspension in Canada. Racing loses more credibility.

How far away are we from horses, trainers and drivers getting suspended in one state here and allowed to continue doing business as usual in another?

Pacingguy said...

Sadly, we have already had that happen. Fortunately, these occurances are not rare. As to Coleman's horse in tonight's Levy, they have asked for a stay why they appeal the decision within the NYSRWB. I have no problem with this as long as it stays out of the court.

What upsets me more is how Coleman is able to hand her entire stable racing in Canada to Blake Macintosh and to Andrew Harris at Yonkers; people who are her seond trainers. I wonder if they had to take down the Coleman Stables signs at the barns or if they kept those up to.

This is basically the same as the baseball manager that is ejected and manages the game from the clubhouse.