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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Is Your Track Management the CIA?

Ever try to contact someone at your local track about a particular issue?  Maybe you want to ask them to carry Running Aces on their simulcast menu, so you decide to send the Director of Simulcasting at your local track  an email to let him know what you would like.  So you go on the track's website and then....

Your stuck.  You look at your local track's website and there may be one or two email addresses if your lucky.  Often there is a generic email address that serves all; other times there is no email address at all on their website.  You may find a phone number to call but then you need to track down who you want to talk with.   If your local track is a racino, forget about it; for example at Harrah's Chester, there is no email address for the racing side of the operations, but there is an email mechanism for the casino side of the business.  The only track I have ever seen email addresses for the various departments clearly designated is the Meadowlands.

With all the secrecy, it makes you wonder if your local track is run by the CIA.  Yes, they may list a phone number but as you probably know by now, email seems to be the preferred means of communication.  Yes, if they have an you can send your email there, but you wonder if your email is going into a black hole or will be forwarded to the appropriate individual.

Is this anyway to run a business?  If you customer can't contact you, how are you going to know if you are doing something wrong, or even right?  Your customer should have the ability to contact the appropriate department directly by email to pass on compliments or complaints otherwise you may never know how to fix problems or to commend an employee that a customer wants to sing the praise off.  Don't want to let people know the names of the people running the departments?  Fine, then use; at least your customers will know their comments are being sent to the right department.

You are in a customer service business and where in the 21st century.  You need to make your department heads available to the public and you need to realize many of your customers want to use email to talk to you.


Anonymous said...

Chester management is more M.I.A. than C.I.A., but it's not impossible to make contact. Phone numbers are accessible through the website by clicking on "live racing", then "racetrack contacts."
Getting a response can be the tough part.

Did you know questions about the races can be emailed to the presiding judge? His email link is also on the "live racing" page and I've always received an answer. Wish all tracks would do that.

Pacingguy said...

This is true, you can call most racetracks, but this is a perfect example of racing; we are back in the stone age. Every department head should have an email address and customers should be able to reach them directly. Needless to say, if someone asks you a respectful question, they deserve a response.