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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Who Is Cantor Gaming?

One question many people may be wondering about is "Who is Cantor Gaming"; a potential partner in the Meadowlands leasing consortium? Cantor Gaming is a division of Cantor Fitzgerald, a Wall Street firm, a leading company when it comes to mobile gaming. One of the products Cantor Gaming offers is In-Running Wagering for horse racing, meaning you can wager on a horse race as it is being run. Cantor also offers Inside Wagering which features short betting period where you can place your bets at a reduced commission which allows them to offer fixed odds. Based on the bets made during each interval, a new line is made for the next round. So it is possible that fixed odds wagering for horse racing may become a reality. More importantly, the assumption that Betfair will run exchange wagering in the State of New Jersey may be premature.

Of course, there is no way to ensure the new wagering ideas to be brought to the the Meadowlands by Cantor Gaming is guaranteed to be a success. Anyone remember the Choose Six wager, where you had to pick the winner of six races on the card which you decided you wanted to play? If you lost a leg, you could go back in and buy into the wager again as long as there were at least six races left. The wager did not last long.

Regardless, there is a good chance if this partnership gains the Meadowland, the face of wagering in horse racing may change forever especially with some changes to wagering legislation..


affirmedny said...

and who works for cantor fitgerald? gov christie's wife, hmmmm

Pacingguy said...

For the record, there have been allegations made concerning other people I have not been able to substantiate.

I was able to easily document this: