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Monday, March 14, 2011

A Little Humor

After yesterday's column, I decided I needed a laugher, so why not share it with those who read my blog?  Here are a few harness racing related videos which should bring a little smile to your face.

 In France, it was horse versus Cyclist and the horse won. Cyclist Jimmy Casper took on the French trotter Origano Lap at  Hippodrome d'Amiens.

Back in March 17, 2001, the hapless but beloved, Zippy Chippy, winless in 85 starts up to that time raced against the pacer named "Paddy's Laddy" (an alias to protect the innocent) in a match race.  Paddy's Laddy was given a 1/8 mile head start but Zippy Chippy was able to pull off a victory. 

Unfortunately, for Zippy Chippy, the race didn't count and he ended up going 0-100 before being retired at Old Friends Horse Farm.  But don't feel sorry for Zippy Chippy; he was quite the folk hero in his time.

If a case was ever made to allow foreign horses to change names when they come to North America, it was when the Australian horse Djerriwarrh A made a start at Freehold Raceway.  The name was so confusing that track announcer Larry Ledderman decided to rename him for the race.  I am sure Larry was hoping the horse would go off-stride and be no factor in the race, but alas it was not to be.  If anyone can phoentically spell this horse's name out so we can know how to pronounce it, it would be apprecaited.  Unfortunately for North American race callers everywhere, this trotter made 183 starts in North America so I am sure several announcers took up drinking when he raced.  Djerriwarrh A raced until the age of twelve.  Fortunately, the trotter was a gelding as I would have dreaded to see what his off-springs' names would have been.

Lindy Farms has uploaded a video of Casey.  No word as to how fast he has gone in thus far but it sure seems like Casey is a spit fire.

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The_Knight_Sky said...

That Zippy made it just in the nick of time. Would have been an embarrassing trip back to Penn National.

Penn probably wouldn't have allowed him back in. :D