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Monday, March 28, 2011

Sharing the Pain

Jeff Gural was very forthcoming on Saturday night at the Meadowlands, but in one moment, he may have aggravated the situation with the labor unions who are being asked for concessions.  Towards the end of the interview, Gural jokingly made a comment about how he may not be able to afford to keep some of the talent at the Meadowlands and then the talent joked about it.  I am sure Gural meant it as a joke, but the fact is this may be part of the reason there is hesitance on the unions to negotiate salary cuts.

Now, I don't expect Mr. Gural on a public broadcast to indicate John Doe is about to lose their job or take a 40% pay cut to remain employed, but I suspect the mutuel clerks are being asked to make the concessions while the existing talent and management appear to remain untouched.  Now, I am certaintly not going to suggest who needs to remain or go in a reconstituted Meadowlands team, but the reality is with the labor movement under seige in the United States right now, the union leaders need to show their rank and file that they are not making all the sacrifices. Like it or not, some of the front officd is going to have to go,

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