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Monday, March 28, 2011

Racing on Hay and Water - What a Concept

The RCI is calling for the phasing out of all medications and drugs for race horses over a five year period.  The goal is horses will need to race on hay and water as they do in the rest of racing outside of North America.  This marks a departure of the current process of checking for levels of substances, and is a transition to a zero tolerance. 

It is about time.  If the rest of the world can race with medication, why can't we?  Some will argue medication allows horses to have shorter layoffs, but it seems racing elsewhere can deal with it.  I am constantly amazed at how many horses who race in state that don't allow Bute automatically go on it when they ship into a state which permits it.  No more Lasix where there are conflicting studies showing its effectiveness other than being able to mask other medications.

I can't wait to see this zero tolerance proposal take effect (assuming it gets approved).  Then let's see how super the super trainers are.

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