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Thursday, March 17, 2011

HANA Harness Group Goes Twitting

In a means to contact more harness racing fans, the HANA Harness Working Group has joined the Tweeter world.  If you use Twitter, make sure you follow HANAHarness and see tweets related to harness racing and its gambling public.

Here is a sample of some Tweets from HANAHarness since they have gone live:

Bravo #westernfair

Who needs Jockeys? In Canada, we have Unarnessed-Behind the Scenes Coming

Can't help but think the Mar 31 forum on gaming in NJ will be more of the same. HANA should be there.

The Meadowlands meet end March 26 but the important date is March 31. . Cautiously optimistic

Harness racing fans who want to join HANA's Harness working group should email

As you can see, HANAHarness is concerned more about harness racing from the horseplayers' viewpoint, something not typically covered extensively by the industry's press.  So if you are a member of Twitter, and you are a horseplayer, why not follow HANAHarness?  They'd love to see you there.

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