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Thursday, March 24, 2011

April Guaranteed Pick 4 Guide

Yes, there is a month left to March, but the Pick 4 guaranteed pools being offered in conjunction with the USTA initiative are sprouting out all over.  To make it easier for you to see which tracks are offering guaranteed Pick 4s through this program and on what days (and races), here is a small chart for your reference.  I will also have a link on the left side of my blog home page to this entry so you may refer to it during the month:

  • Balmoral Park - Saturdays ($15,000) and Sundays ($25,000) - Last four races of the evening
  • Cal Expo - Thursdays ($10,000) starting April 14 - Races 6-9.
  • Northfield Park - Fridays and Saturdays ($10,000) - Races 8-11
  • Yonkers Raceway - Saturdays and Mondays ($15,000) - Races 7-10 (Late Pick 4 only)
In an effort to give gamblers a chance to participate in all of the Pick 4's. the tracks will attempt to stagger post times.  Tentative plans have race pages for the Pick 4 races to be offered for free.

In addition to participating in the USTA Pick 4 program, Cal Expo is continuing with their virtual 0% late Pick 4s for those customers who wager either on-track at Cal Expo or through their Twinspires ADW account. on Saturday nights.  The guaranteed pool at Cal Expo for the late Pick 4 is $15,000.


Administrator said...

We were never offered the opportunity to participate. What is the takeout on those Pick 4's? Funny, with two members on the USTA board including the president from California, this news comes as a surprise!!

Pacingguy said...

This is the first month of the program and is a trial. I suggest you contact the USTA and tell them you wish to participate; especially since their started goal is to offer the wager on different days and different times. They are starting off with Pick 4s but are willing to add other bets to the program.