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Monday, March 21, 2011

The Good and the Bad of Plainridge's Announcement

Plainridge Racetrack has announced that they will be cutting their takeout to 15% on all wagers for the upcoming season.  For those on track and those betting through a live racetrack, this is a great opportunity to consider wagering on Plainridge.  The bad news is for those who wager at racetracks which no longer offer live racing or ADWs, it may be hard to get Plainridge's signal to wager on.

Plainridge is attempting to reward those that produce racing product by offering them a nominal 1% to carry their signal.  But in attempt to get more from tracks which have ceased live racing or ADWs; doing nothing to contribute live product and raking in big profits because they don't have to produce live racing, they are charging them 8%.  Being Plainridge is not a high demand signal, expect many ADWs to say 'no thanks'.

As is reporting, Plainridge President, Garry Pionkowski is repprted as saying, "We are tired of 8x10 offices equipped with just a phone line and computer pillaging horsemen and racetrack revenues.  It is time someone stood up to these fly by night operators who are making millions on the backs of horsemen's and racetrack operations."

My suspicion is Plainridge will be left with making a statement but little handle.  Unless a lot more; and I mean a lot more tracks adopt such a philosophy, Plainridge's signal will be offered limited distribution.  Unfortunately for Plainridge, a lot of tracks will not go along with Plainridge's philosophy; for fear of getting shut out.

I wish Plainridge luck in their efforts, they will need it.  In the meanwhile, if you like harness racing and can get access to Plainridge when their season begins in May, enjoy the discount.