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Friday, July 12, 2013

Truro Raceway at Its End

With little notice, Truro Raceway in Nova Scotia will be closing after this Sunday's card.  With orders to clear off the track property by August 15, many of the 200 horses will be at risk of slaughter or euthanasia as Charlottetown and Summerside Raceways on PEI will not be able to absorb the entire horse population.  The closure itself means the end of harness racing in Nova Scotia after 138 years.

The operators of the track, Nova Scotia Provincial Exposition, has indicated they will lease out the track if new operators can be found, but whether or not a new group wants to step in remains to be seen.

I understand tracks open and tracks close, nothing is permanent but perhaps the most egregious part of the decision to close Truro is when they did it.  If they announced they were closing the track at the end of the meet, it gives horsemen time to make plans and arrangement, but to close smack in the middle of a meet by simply turning off the light gives horsemen and employees no time to plan.  I realize horsemen are technically independent contractors, but I wish they were treated with a little respect.

Here is hoping someone steps up to the plate and keeps racing going in Nova Scotia.


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Anonymous said...

Thought this was an interesting follow up to your post.

This article explains how there is a group of local businessmen who have quickly banded together and are trying to save the facility. Also would like to point out Mr. Taylor who in the article claims the current board shouldn't be held responsible had a bit more of a hand in things than many others. He happened to be general manager for some time, yes during the time he claims this debt has accumulated.