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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Questions, We Have Questions

I know shipping costs are high but is this an excuse to throw eight divisions of the Pennsylvania All Stars (for two year old trotting fillies) down horseplayers throat on Friday night?  Was it really that long ago when stakes conditions used to say something to the effect if more than three divisions of a race were needed racetrack management had the right to conduct additional divisions on the next racing night?  Not that this phenomenon is unique to Pocono Downs.  New York for the same reason now cards their NYSS and Excelsior Stakes for the same age, sex, and gait on the same racing program.  Nothing worse than having the first eight races at Monticello on Thursday evening for two year old pacing fillies.  You have to get to race nine before you see an overnight event.

But then, when you are racing for slot money does it really matter if you put on horrible race cards?  It is more important to save horsemen money on shipping costs than putting on a decent mix of races for your wagering public.  
While we are at it, how do you come up with the name "Pennsylvania All Stars" for two year olds, especially since many of them are making their first starts of their career?  Wouldn't "Pennsylvania Hopefuls" be a more accurate name?

Why are horseplayers responding to classified racing at the Meadowlands?  When you see a race condition Fillies & Mares Non Winners of $2,801 Last 5 Starts  AE: Non Winners 4 PM Races or $20,000 Lifetime  AE: Non Winners 1 PM Race in 2013 with 12 or more starts or Non Winners $1 Last 3 Starts being carded at Vernon Downs which will be in the past performance lines next week as FMNW2801L5 the answer becomes obvious. 

I am not criticizing the racing secretaries for putting together races like this; with a horse shortage which is only going to get worse in the years ahead, you need to do what you have to in order to put eight horses on the gate.  Maybe if most horsemen wouldn't kick and scream how they don't like a racing secretary classifying their horses, instead of a racing secretary writing conditions like above  really a work of art), we would instead see a race like C3/C2 handicap instead.

I realize it isn't copyrighted, but there is something wrong with having Miracle Mile races at Tioga Downs.  Miracle Mile races should be restricted to Vernon Downs, the track which known as the Miracle Mile.  I know this doesn't rise to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors, but wouldn't it be better if these races were called 'Tioga Tangos' instead?

Why if there is a shortage of horses that they throw the girls in the boys do some tracks like Running Aces not offer an allowance to the girls such as NW2 (NW3 F&M)?  Yes, there are races for fillies and mares there but unfortunately, not all the female horse fit those conditions forcing them to race against the boys on an even footing. 

Why can't harness racing scribes write articles for fans and separate articles for those within the industry?  I will be the first one to admit I could care less about the parentage of a particular horse.  My eyes roll when I come to the part of the article where they talk about so and so coming from the third crop of Joe Plug.  What concerns me is what is on the past performance lines, not the breeding lines.  Do you think the Posttime Show in Delaware would be so highly rated if they made the show for those in the industry?  Hardly.

What is it going to take to get Billy Parker Jr. into the Hall of Fame?   More importantly, when is Heather Vitale going to get into the Communications Corner at the Hall of Fame.

 Finally, why have my selections of late been so horrible?  I wish I knew.  I'll be making some selections on some upcoming stakes in a blog entry tomorrow.   I am thinking of letting Lucky, the wonder dog,  make his guest selections (win only) this week.  He can't do any worse than I am doing.

Have a great Fourth of July everyone.


edge1124 said...

Yes this is where only looking out for the horsemen will hurt the industry even more. I like betting on Monticello and I am from Ontario. I usually bet $100-$120 per card and even more if I am winning. Well Thursday night was a joke. After the 3rd race I stopped betting Monticello because I got tired of seeing horses have troubles in the turn then break and 30.3 opening quarters. I don't mind 3 or 4 of these races in a 12 race card (25%) but 8 in a row? So I spent $20 instead of $120. Imagine if the NHL owners wanted to save money and said let's play 4 games at home in 7 days all against the same team so the traveling team only has to fly to that city once as opposed to 3 or 4 times in a season. Fans would still watch but interest would drop. I still play 5 or 6 days a week but it use to be 7 days a week. Now I find myself playing more blackjack and poker. Just less money for the horsemen now haha.

Anonymous said...

I loved the July 4th Monti card, as did anybody else who had seen these fillies race and was looking to make some money. But regardless of my own personal preference, it makes ZERO sense to split these cards (whether in NY, PA, or anyplace else)into mulitple days! Besides the COST of shipping (which you mentioned), how about the extreme INCONVENIENCE to the horsemen? Do you think a groom really wants to travel all day to a place like Buffalo, get home late, sleep a couple of hours, get their barn work done early the next morning, and then go back to Buffalo AGAIN?? I'm all for people looking for ways to "improve" the game, but geez....sometimes a little common sense is needed before putting these ideas to print!

Pacingguy said...

No one is suggesting anyone should have to ship to Buffalo two days in a row. Before they made this change to race all the races on one day, there would be a couple of weeks between stops at the same track; one night for the NYSS and two weeks later they would revisit the track with the NYLC races.