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Friday, July 5, 2013

Must Read

If you haven't yet read PTP's column from yesterday, you need to read it now.  While it is written with the Ontario situation in mind, who are we kidding?  This is a question which sooner or later will face every racing state in the United States, the only exception being there may not be money from the states to 'transition'.  Both standardbred and thoroughbred (and even quarter horse) interests better be planning for the next phase of their evolution, otherwise there won't be an evolution, there will be extinction.

I understand the next phase is likely downsizing and while it would be great if everyone who wanted to work in racing was able to, it is not reality.  People will be downsized out of jobs in racing and while it is distasteful, a strategy of holding on to the status quo at all costs is going to cause everyone to lose their jobs.  I am not suggesting anyone pick and choose who goes and who stays; let economic realities decide that question.  However, the unpleasant fact some people will no longer be involved in racing should not keep keep the industry from working on the future.

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